Book announcements and then some…

Five years ago, I officially became a published author by launching Twice Upon A Time, the first volume in my paranormal romance series, the Black Angel Book series, about a witch and a monk, spellbound star-crossed lovers eager to be reunited in the future.
So much has happened since then. The rookie that I was had the chance to connect with some wonderful authors, bloggers, and readers, and learn the ropes.

Since then, my debut novel has undergone a complete makeover, inside and out! The story described as “refreshingly unique” by readers has been kicked up a notch  with the addition of a third point of view and a fresh edit. I also completed the series by adding a few titles that you’ll soon discover… If you are a blogger or an avid reader, signup to get your ARC copy, now!
Remember that all the volumes will still be available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Now that the series book covers have been revealed, all the release dates have been added to the BOOKS section.

As for my other big project as a participating author in Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club World, it is based on Stuck-Up Suit and entitled Omega Artist. It’s now LIVE and available on Kindle Unlimited and also in Audible; hearing what Tig and Alie sound like is just perfect. You should definitely check it out!

Also, I’m currently working on a new storyline… but it’s a secret for now. Just know that it’s a different kind of story, although you’ll meet some familiar faces if you’ve read my books.

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Happy reading!