Facts & figures

I love:
> my bright and beautiful daughter
> my perfect-for-me husband
> Nutella and Camembert cheese (not together), carrot cake, humming bird cake, cinnamon Altoids and lobster rolls
> driving my Jeep
> Paris (France) and Provincetown (Mass., USA)
> my book boyfriend, Eric Northman (Sookie Stackhouse series).
Thank you Charlaine Harris I owe you 😉
& thank you Alexander Skarsgard for being the perfect Eric… let’s talk about True Blood and your future projects over dinner, Alex, what do you say?
> David Bowie
> my books: Twice Upon A Time (The Black Angel Book Series, Book 1, released on Halloween 2015), Deadly Ever After (The Black Angel Book Series, Book 2, soon to be released) and the books to come.
It’s so great to write the book you’ve always wanted to read.

I have:
> 110 books on my “read” list on Goodreads
> 225 books on my TBR list on Goodreads
> 4 favorite male fictional characters. Sean Bateman (The Rules of Attraction, Bret Easton Ellis); Ponyboy Curtis (The Outsiders, SE Hinton); Edward Cullen (Twilight saga, Stephenie Meyer) and Austin Powers!
> 2 new flings as far as male fictional characters go. Miles Archer (Ugly Love, Colleen Hoover) and Theo Rosely (Lane One series, Justine Elvira)
> Zillion clothes
> Too many F*** Me Shoes 😉