Street Team Wanted!

Welcome to my FIRST ever street team!

I’m sooo excited to finally make this street team a reality. Let me tell you more about this new adventure so that you know what to expect because, until recently, I had no clue what a street team was.

The street team is meant for passionate readers.

Passionate about reading books, talking about romance, and introducing other readers to their next favorite book
Passionate about giving feedback on exclusive sneak peeks and teasers and getting freebies
Passionate about spreading the word on #TeamHope for five minutes a day … So, yeah, passion is a big thing here… But then again, we love romance, and they go hand in hand, right?

What do you have to do?

★ If you belong to reader groups where people recommend books based on tropes or special sales and one of my books fits the bill, share!
If someone is looking for an age gap, contemporary M/F romance and you love Omega Artist, just speak up!
★ If you are NOT a member of reader groups yet, are you willing to join them? Promote my work?
Keep in mind that you have to follow the groups’ rules and requirements.
★ Spread the word about my books and upcoming release(s) on social media platforms. I’ll happily provide the necessary promo materials and verbiage.
★ Comment on other team members’ posts to share the love.
★ Follow street team leaders for information, challenges, and more! For now, that’s Rachel, my PA extraordinaire, and me.

❤ Click on the button below to fill out the form; I’ll contact you to discuss a few things before adding you to the group. ❤
(There are still a few spots available!)

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