The dark witch rises… The Black Angel Book Legend is finally complete!

A recent review of The Black Angel Book Legend said, “I am so in love with the characters that it is unreal. I am excited for the 8th one but also sad that it will be the end.” (Fran)
That’s exactly how I feel today.

This series has been a huge part of my life for the last five years.

I followed my passion and finally decided to put words on paper (well, computer), create this ill-fitted cast of characters, and craft an ancient Irish legend.

This journey brought me joy.
This journey brought me tears.
This journey brought me here today.

Thank you.

Happy reading & feel free to spread the word: Volume 8 is live today!
One-click the series and its grand finale!

Only the darkest soul would seek limitless power. Revenge. War. Cast the spell of eternity.
Centuries later, it’s time to play again. Some pawns changed. Some remained. Others are back from the past. Now is the time to pick a side…
As life throws me curveballs, I struggle with my choices. Owning my forgotten gifts taught me that I was a queen, indeed… but which kind?
My journey proved that the infamous urban legend was truer—and closer to home— than I’d ever anticipated. I cannot allow the Black Angel Book to fall into the wrong hands.
If an ancient spell between star-crossed lovers defines my present, I’ll learn to master it so I can shape my future with the man I love.
Forever… or not.

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