Happy birthday, Virgil!

deadly-ever-after-owns-meTo most people, today is Halloween. It’s a great day for the vampires lover that I am even if Halloween isn’t as big in France as it is in the US. Most adults aren’t wearing a costume and most Parisian kids don’t go Trick or Treating when they live in a building. But I wish you all a Happy Halloween, with or without a costume.

To me, today has also a special meaning. The male lead character of my Black Angel Book series, Virgil Blake, celebrates his birthday on Halloween! Virgil, the spooky Prince Charming (as he calls himself), whose parents loved Dante’s Divine Comedy so much they named him after the one who guides Dante through his journey in Hell. Rather fitting for someone born on Halloween who has more than one secrets to share, don’t you think?
Find out about Virgil’s secrets in Twice Upon A Time (The Black Angel Book Series, Volume 1) and his unique 25th birthday present in Deadly Ever After (The Black Angel Book Series, Volume 2).


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