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Deadly Ever After (the Black Angel Book, #2) is now live on Amazon & free on Kindle Unlimited.

>>> Excerpt #3 <<<

Oh-boy_Teaser2_Deadly Ever AfterThe fire in his voice is palpable when he confesses in a whisper, fiddling with my shiny dark curls between two of his long gentle fingers, “I’ve been meaning to claim a birthday present only you can provide. If I don’t do it now I’ll regret it. Ever since I set foot into this party, I wanted you…so…greedily.” Saying that, his left thumb brushes my lips, softly, back and forth, my eyes flutter under his touch. “I acted like a jerk last summer, that won’t happen again. I told you last time I saw you, I do learn from my mistakes.”

He moves at once, pinning me to the door with his left hip. The tip of his tongue eagerly caresses my lips before it deftly reaches my mouth for the most avid kiss I’d ever been given—even more ferocious than the one he gave me last time I saw him—and to which I respond with the same burning urge. I love how his body claims mine.

That dirty kiss we’re sharing shows mutual acceptance. We finally surrender to our primal instincts and let the undeniable chemistry work its magic. This is real. No more games. No more hide and seek. The self-imposed restraint we pretended to live by, for too long, is gone. Set in motion but speechless—besides groaning and growling—we act on our desire.

As usual, my heels are useless to compensate his height. Out of reflex, his shoulders curled up and I’m on tiptoes to be able to properly give and get the kisses we’re craving. My back bumps into the door, from time to time, under our feverish movements; from the way I see it those noises won’t remain unnoticed for too long.

Relentlessly, voraciously, feverishly, our pace fastens. Aroused, his hands are all over my yearning body—tightly glued to his—like a lustful octopus! His mouth trails kisses all over my neck, near my earlobe now. Leaving goose bumps in their wake.

Letting his caresses take over my senses as his soft hands wander expertly under my camisole—front and back—I tilt my head under his maddening touch. His jacket is pulled back halfway on his toned arms displaying an impressive tattoo. I suspect that’s what he’s been trying to hide under long sleeves, although I spotted bits and pieces of it before. I peep, happy to uncover new parts of his body that I haven’t yet been exposed to.

Enthralled, I stare at his body, thinking how much it appeals to me. At once, I’m starting to sense a weird sensation, almost like the ink is whispering to me. Insane. Surreal. Impossible. My skin is covered in goose bumps, sending chills down my spine, and definitely not the sensation I’m used to when I want his body. A thrilling yet scary kind of sensation. It’s happening again, I have a vision of myself, snatched by the tattoo. A tiny version of myself, on Virgil’s bicep, swimming in a sea of black, velvety ink, swirling to form the letters. How crazy is that? I shake my head to make the disturbing vision vanish, and it does.

At that particular moment, the world around us—the party, the people and time, even—ceases to exist. We’re alone. Within seconds, my surroundings turn pitch black and everything around us disappears.

No sound. No furniture. No bathroom.

Virgil seems unfazed by this change of scenery, thus I decide to ignore it. It’s him that I want, who cares about the rest? And then again, when I’m with Virgil, we create our own bubble in which only he and I live in. That’s what it is. A bubble. Only we are surrounded by a darkened halo, as if we aren’t part of the world anymore. A twilight zone where our need for one another surpasses everything.

Together. Nowhere. Nothing else matters.

 ©2016 Hope Irving


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