The Black Angel Book Series, Book 1

Twice-upon-a-time_Alternate-2Thanks to the enthusiasm of my first readers and reviewers, I’ve decided to write a sequel to Twice Upon A Time. The New Adult paranormal romance series is called The Black Angel Book.
To celebrate, I’ve also had the cover reworked.

A coveted book of spells. Wandering souls. Star-crossed lovers. A rational girl. An anti-Prince Charming. Soulmates… All the ingredients for an unorthodox fairytale that is still wrapped up in pink!
Pink since Twice Upon A Time is the story of French-American Rose and rose is French for pink. Pink since it’s Barbie color and if you’ve ever watched Barbie movies, you know they are girl-power movies… I wanted Rose to blossom and embrace  her inner girl-power throughout her journey in Twice Upon A Time.
However I wanted the cover to focus on the main male character of the series. It had to show the “gifts” he received from holding the secret from The Black Angel Book and hosting the wandering soul of an ancient monk who broke his vows and fell in love with a witch.

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Chapters 1 to 9 are LIVE on Wattpad… Read, follow, comment & share the story.

Twice Upon A Time is available:
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> Overdrive

What you think about this new cover?


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