Twice Upon A Time – Excerpt 3

EXCERPT 3 – Twice Upon A Time (Coming on Halloween)

Twice Upon A Time-Hope Irving-Teaser 3“Please, say something!” The tension running through his body was palpable as he begged me then yelled bitterly at the door, “Coming…”

I remained silent, unable to articulate a word, let alone a sentence, numb.

Turning back to me, he asked, “Rose, are you okay?” I shook my head and shrugged, my eyes itchy, staring blankly at him.

Of course I wasn’t okay.

I didn’t want to face the others. I wanted to be with him and make it up to him. “Please, answer me…” His voice sweet.

Another knock on the door, his rocky voice let out another angry yell combined with a curse.

His tone changed back to sweet, addressing me. “Rose, please. I need to know if we’re good before I get that fucking door.” Oh, he was either mad or worried because swearing wasn’t his thing.

“We’re good,” I managed to say, getting out of my trance.

Why am I lying?

© 2015 Hope Irving


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