First times

I’ve done it! I have now completed my first novel. It’s a New Adult paranormal love story. I managed to fulfill this new and thrilling experience while I was working a full-time regular job (I work in an insurance company).
I guess that’s what most debut authors go through.
It’s been quite a journey.

I was amazed I found the time to write a full-length novel with a busy schedule and a family life. I wouldn’t have done it without all the guidance and support, and the drive to make it happen.
I was excited to write this book in english although I’m a French native speaker.

I’d lived most of my life in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, France, my country of birth (that I love). I also spent quite some time in different parts of the US, my country of heart, where I graduated with a master degree.

So, I’m officially a French debut author… Soon to be a worldwide indie author. Yeah!
When was the first time you ever achieved something you would have never believed possible?


One thought on “First times

  1. Back when i was a young teenager, i won a county ping pong competition in front of way much experienced player. Guess i was gifted as i did not had that much training ! But i deeply wanted it, truly believed in myself & saw myself as the winner. And it became true 😉

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